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 Jane  understands that it’s you that is important, It’s your needs and your desires which are the reason you are looking at our opportunity. We hope you will enjoy browsing our site, listening to the video testimonials and reading more about our opportunity which may help you to create  a Wealthy lifestyle for yourself and your family



Have you ever thought of being self-employed before and running your own business from home part or full time?

How would you like to

  •  work the hours you choose?
  •  take your holidays at a time to suit you and your family?
  •  never have to miss an appointment ?
  •  give yourself a payrise whenever you need it?
  •  not have to get someone else to mind the kids?

These are just some of the reasons why people join our business,

What is the most important thing to you at this moment in time?

Anyone over the age of 18 with a willingness to Earn as you Learn can become part of our business

This is your apprenticeship to UrWealthyLifestyle where you receive 100% support and training from Jane and her team to get you the income and lifestyle you want

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If you want to see a change in your lifestyle,
you need to be prepared to make changes in the way you think and act…

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