About UrWealthyLifestyle

About UrWealthyLifestyle


UrWealthyLifestyle was founded in August 2007 when Jane became a single mum with 5 kids…..

Jane had worked as special needs teaching assistant, and has her own child with special needs when in 2002 her marriage of 19 years ended and she became solely responsible for raising her children.www.urwealthylifestyle.co.uk

Although she loved her job it became impractical to earn a living around her kids and their needs

With that Jane began searching the web, looking for work from home opportunities

UrWealthyLifestyle evolved after she discovered an opportunity which changed her life, giving her Time to spend with her kids, Income she wanted… not only to meet her needs… but to be able to take her kids on holidays and other treats, Confidence to build her business and Skills to teach others how to do the same


Jane continues on her journey of self development and learning and loves helping others to get the lifestyle they want…Since starting her work from home business Jane has become a Network Marketing proffesional, attended th MKMMA Scholorship and is currently working on a Social Media Masterclass and the Big Hive training for networkmarketers

​ ​Jane’s goal is simple;

  • To help you decide What is important to you in the context of earning an extra income and achieving UrWEalthyLifestyle
  •  To help you decide How much money you want to make every week and get a bonus
  •  To work with you to ensure you Achieve the results you want

so lets do this together!