Can Anyone Work From Home?

How do I know if it’s for me?

Can Anyone Work From Home?
Can Anyone Work From Home?

Working from Home is all the rage…


Every time you sign into your emails, look on face book or search the job pages you are bombarded with opportunities work from home

How do you know if you can do it and make a living from it ?

Well I have been doing it for 10 years now and this is what I have learned during that time. Although anyone can do it… it is a simple opportunity that even an 8 year old could do, most people won’t do it because

  • They think they know better
  • They think there is a magic formula
  • They think they can take a short cut

If you have never worked, I suggest you first find a job, not because it is a better way of life, but unless you have had a job, you really have no idea what is involved in working.

Working from Home is just that! It requires work and hard work for 3 to 5 years which you may think is a long time but in a traditional job, whatever your chosen career you will work probably for 40 years before you can retire. The great thing is that as soon as you start, you will start to make an income even whilst you are learning

Whatever you have worked as, whether you liked it or not, has given you experience and the motivation to look at working from home either as an extra income or to replace your current job.

So if you are serious, take a look at this person specification and ask yourself… which of these people is most like me? Am I willing to do what it takes with help and support to learn something new and get a different lifestyle or am I happy to take what life throws at me?


Over 18 and have some work or volunteer experience,

A. I have a good work ethic and always give 100% even when no one is looking. I love learning new things and helping other people. I AM a great communicator and love to chat on the phone, messenger and zoom or skype. I love listening to others and finding out about them. I love spending time with friends and family

B. I like to set my own working hours and targets, I love a challenge and like to be the best at everything I do I am a fighter, I know what I want and once I know the ropes…there is nothing stopping me. I can manage my own work load and everyone else’s as well

C. FUN is my middle name, I am a party animal and love social media. I want to sleep all day and work all night. I enjoy  learning new things and avoid routine and discipline. I make friends everywhere I go and am a master at working with large groups of people

D. I am organised and like structure. I work best when I know what I have to do and exactly how to do it. I am focused and driven and once I make a decision I stick to it. I am consistent and conscientious. I am great at showing other people how to do things and like to work in small groups

The good news is that whichever group you fall into, and maybe you are bits of each group, then you could learn to work from home with our expert help and support.

What do you have to commit to?

Having a chat with us to help us find out what you are wanting so we can direct you to the relevant information and if you like what you hear and see, then we ask you for a Yes or No decision!

Let me tell you a little story which in a way sums up what it is like getting started working from home.

I am writing this whilst on my holiday in Marrakech. I liked the idea of going on a trip to see the waterfalls, so without much research I jumped in and booked the trip.

The journey into the mountains took 3 hours….mmmmm not what I expected! We had an expert guide who showed us the ropes and he knew every path to take

I had gone wearing flip flops only to find we had to trench over and around the mountain on a narrow path which was dry and dusty. We spent almost 3 hours trekking in 36 degrees heat viewing the waterfalls from many angles. To say it was stunning is an understatement! Was it hard? YES! Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

Working from Home can be a bit like this. Initially you don’t know everything that is involved but that is where we become your guide and support every step of the way

Just a call is all it takes to find out what it’s really like to work from home

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Can Anyone Work From Home?