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Sharing our opportunity

Sharing our opportunitywe are not about spamming your friends and family, trying to get them to purchase products they don’t want. However we do share what we have to offer to those who ask us how we can do the things we enjoy doing and we do talk to people who ask us for information. We can help you to do this too

Coaching and Training

If you are seeking to improve your income and stop having to count the pennies, we can teach you and coach you to put those days behind you and give you the principles of living on just 70% of your income!


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Our Approach

Don’t you want to learn from someone who has walked the walk, instead of those who just talk the talk?

I was shy growing up and always did what I thought was what other people wanted me to do. I trained as a nursery nurse which I did until I had my own children.

I have 5 children and in 2002 found myself as a single mum…this wasn’t part of my plan!  But I realised I had never had a plan for my life.

This was the inspiration I needed to find a way to earn a living while still owning my life and caring for my 5 kids. I learned that I could take control of my life and begin to live the life I wanted.

Everyday, I take time to talk to people who have hit rock bottom for one reason or another and have the privileged of sharing with them a way to make things better

Meet the Team

These are some of the Great Profits Team of over 500 people who are each working either part time and some full time on creating a extra income for themselves and in many cases for their family…

Jennifer Joined the Great Profits team when she had expanded her credit card beyond it’s limits and had been made redundant from a manager in an Insurance Office where the company no longer had a office here and she had brought her home in 2008 at the height of the housing madness and now even though she has a good job as a PA to the boss of a Phone company, it is on contract and could finish any time. She has created a part time income of over 2,000 a month in the Great Profits Team with here team of people she has recruited working this part time.

James Challis


  •  Majella McGonagle Mother of 3 
  • I was looking for something part time, that I could work around my 3 children, just so that I would say “yes” more often than “No” to them.At the time I answered an advertisement in my local paper, I had my friend looking up some products on the internet, as I was looking for a product I had purchased from the company some years earlier, it needed to be replaced and I could find it nowhere!!My friend didn’t find anything (must have spelt it wrong) but I did get a call from Gerry. When I  heard the name of it and that was enough for me. I joined as soon as could and made money from the start.The one main thing, other than the income, that I have got from working for myself is confidence.

    Over time my confidence has grown so much; I can hardly believe it myself. And a I now know how to give anyone a €800 a month pay rise.


Sandra Joined the Great Profits team when she saw what Jennifer was up to and she too had been made redundant from a manager in an Insurance Office. She was married with 2 very small children, it is was not easy getting jobs. She has created a part time income of over 2,000 a month in the Great Profits Team with here team of people she has recruited working this part time.

Kelly and Ian Now who loves foreign travel

Well we have that too. You can qualify for 2 trips each year, one to Europe worth over £5k approx and one worldwide worth over 10k approx and if your life partner is on the agreement then they can travel with you too free gratis… Team members to achieve this, Jane, Jen. Sandra, Kelly and Gerry and Maureen. Travelled to Paris, India and Marbella all in 5* hotels and all the fun and games laid on, you will be wined and dined like kings and queens…

Trips on offer are Madrid and see  Mexico picture of Mexico trip 2017 you can be on the next one to


Alison Ford family
Alison Ford family

Alison Ford

Hi my name is Alison Ford I’m a mother of 3.
I started in Sept  as I needed to earn extra money to help pay bills hoping of getting an extra €50 a week, I was currently out of work due to car accident injuries to my lower back right shoulder and knee was and still am in slot of pain on a daily bases…

I came across an advert for a veg chopper in Facebook group from Jennifer Synnott (my Team Leader ) and boy I’m so glad I did she added me to her group I loved the products and I plucked up the courage to pm her as her how would I go about doing this so she gave me some info and sent me the registration link.

A week later I was up and running I couldn’t believe how well & fast it all took off for me the retailing part of it…

I earned myself a Team leader position called Gold in Feb then Senior Team leader in March because I found the lovely Louise Conlan who went onto become a Team leader as well called Gold in 6 wks, I won the Harry Crook trophy, I qualified for free all expenses paid trip to Mexico which was amazing FREE TRIP and also FREE TRIP TO Krakow .

Before this I was so depressed I didn’t want to leave my house but joining The Lifestyles Without Limits team made so many new friends other distributors and customers that I’ll keep for life

It got my out of my depression and out & about again and the extra income has been life changing for myself & my kids my first cheque was €283 my highest cheque to date as Senior Distributor was €2,398

I was able to take my kids to an all inclusive holiday to Spain  and buy myself a new car in the next year all down to  The Lifestyles Without Limits team  a truly great team work with this opportunity is there for anyone.
I now couldn’t be happier with my life and to be able to give my kids that little bit extra too is truly amazing in my eyes thanks.
Ali xx

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