What is a WealthyLifestyle

What do you think of when you think of a wealthy lifestyle?

You may be surprised to hear that living a wealthy lifestyle is not just about having money!

For me it is more about having choices and  an abundance of anything in our life that we truly value

  • Time freedom
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • work
  • money

Time freedom

How many times have you heard someone say: I wish I had more time, maybe this is true for you?    

Time to do more of the things you enjoy

What would you like to have more time to do?

The truth is we all have exactly the same 24 hours in each day!, sometimes we need a little help to manage our time more effectively

Health & Wellbeing

I believe we all strive towards having good health for ourselves and our families. Millions of pounds each year are spent on gym memberships, fitness classes, supplements, organic food, slimming clubs etc in hope that we can achieve optimim health. Sometimes we are faced with health issues we are totally unprepared for which affects our whole family emotionally and financially

How happy are you at this moment in time with your health?


wow where do you start to talk about relationships? Each and everyone of us is in a relationship with so many others…

You are a child, maybe a sibling, a grandchild, a parent, a colleague, a friend, a boss, an employee, a virtual friend on social media…the list goes on! Within each relationship we have different roles and responsibilities and different methods of comunication. Sometimes it is difficult to remember who we are and yet that is probably the most important thing we have to consider…who we are and what we want from all of our other relationships

So the first question to ask yourself is How happy am I with the person I am now?

Closely followed by How do I become the person I aspire to be?

I would love to help you explore the answers to your questions


When you were still in school, what did you dream of doing for a job? I wonder how many of you followed your path and got the job you always wanted and are really happy with it? The employment market sometimes steers us in other directions and we have to take other employment to make ends meet. How do you feel about your job, the amount of time it takes up, your responsibilities, the amount of money you make or your prospects for promotion. Can you see yourself working in the same job for the next 5 or 10 years?


Many families are now looking at second or alternative streams of income to be able to meet the lifestyle they want

I would love to chat with you about your work


Everyone has a diferent view about money…some say it makes the world go round, some say it’s the route of all evil! The truth is, we all need a level of money to live on weather you want to lead a frugal lifestyle , an extravagant lifestyle or somewhere in between

Are you happy with your finances at this current time?