Success Means What? It Begins In the Mind

Success Means What? It Begins In the Mind

Success means what?

Interesting question if we really take the time to break it down.

Most people when asked what success means will rattle off a couple ideas, money generally in there…
but if you listen carefully you’ll hear things you have heard before.


So… Success means what?
They are both impostors.  Let’s start there.  They have nothing to do with

Following someone else’s plan for success?
anything except some imaginary scorecard that has been conditioned into us.
In sales or MLM or on-line business it’s abundantly clear that the targets have been set by someone else.
That’s why I’m saying they are both impostors.
Measuring our success is absurd with sales and MLM companies because each time we hit an achievement level that someone else set, drum roll please, the goal post moves.
So to measure your value based on a role performance set up by someone else who is going to keep moving the goal posts is preposterous!
It has nothing to do with your value.


Well, as you heard in the video, it is highly personal… not what mommy or daddy told us or our teachers or the company we work with.
To create our own definition we must first break away from the conditioning; from the agendas of others.
I’m sure your Mom and Dad were sincere but their ideas are based on their conditioning… and their perception of what will make you happy.
Nice motive but it’s something only you can figure out.
It begins with being challenged so the conditioning of what success is breaks down and you find your heart’s desire.
Once this happens, you can develop your own definite purpose.
The next step in finding and manifesting your success is a forming a true mastermind alliance.
Napoleon Hill stated that “no one makes it without a mastermind, that’s just the way it is,” as the conclusion to his 25 year study.
That study triggered a book, Think and Grow Rich that is responsible for more wealth than all other documents combined.

So what is it?

A mastermind alliance?

We all need a mastermind

A true, by definition, mastermind alliance is two or more people working in harmony for a definite major purpose.
It is not a group of people who get together and chat positive things.
It is a friendly, HARMONIOUS group who will support you to keep you on track with both your purpose and plan.
If you’d like to break down the conditioning we’ve all had imposed on us as to what success really is and find your heart’s desire then be supported 1:1 for 6 months [which is why there are limited spots available] then go ahead an jump on the early notification list right here.
We’d love to hear your thoughts about the 3Ms… if you believe it all begins in the mind and why you feel you’d like to be challenged.
I know it says it in the video but the truth is over 25,000 blog posts pretty much express the same basic idea…” toughest thing I ever did, best thing I ever did for myself.”
My suggestion?

Hit the ……… tab above or this link and get early notification.

keep giving to keep growing

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